What candidates and associates want to know.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Apply For A Position?

Applying is easy! Just search jobs and apply now.

Does AWG Charge Employees To Use Their Services?

NO! There is no charge, at any time, for employees to apply or use AWG’s services.

If Brought Through The AWG Hiring Process, When Can I Expect Work?

There is no set time frame or guarantee for starting work through AWG. Receiving AWG job offers is dependent on three main factors:

  • What positions AWG currently has available.
  • What availability and interest an employee has compared to the jobs that are available.
  • Any delay with processing your application (i.e., waiting on certificates, references, testing, etc.).

AWG strives to offer applicants positions as soon as possible, sometimes even at the end of their interview! However, for the reasons stated above, it may take a few days, a few weeks or even longer to receive an offer. Being open to trying positions is key if you are very eager to get to work.

How Can I Stay Aware Of Current Job Openings?
To stay on top of all current job openings and their details, check out our Employment Openings. If you are an active AWG candidate, make sure that you are checking in available and discussing job openings with the AWG team.
How Often Should I Check In As Available?

Checking in with AWG lets us know an employee’s motivation level and keeps them fresh in our minds when a new position becomes available.

  • For production and labor positions: call-in as available at least every other day during office hours.
  • For administrative and skilled trades positions: call-in available at least once a week during office hours.

However, we encourage you to check in as often as you like; our recruiters greatly enjoy speaking to our employees and making job connections as quickly as possible!

How Will I Receive Notice Of A Job Offer?

A recruiter will make the initial job offer over the phone, so please ensure AWG has your most up-to-date contact information and that you have a voicemail box set up.

Many of our positions are first come, first serve, and delays in responding or accepting an offer may mean that it is accepted by another candidate.

What Happens If I Decline An Offer?

We do not want people to accept positions they are not interested in. We do, however, want feedback as to WHY you have declined the offer. This allows AWG to understand what a better fit for you would be so the next position we offer can be one you want to accept.

Does AWG Require A Notice To End A Job?

Yes! A minimum of 2 working days’ notice is required to be eligible for rehire.

What Do I Do If I Cannot Make It To Work?

Call us! If, for any reason, you are running late or unable to make it to an assigned shift, you are to Call AWG IMMEDIATELY. Make sure to leave a voicemail if you do not speak to someone directly. AWG can be reached 24/7.

What Is AWG's Attendance Policy?

Employees are expected to be on time, at work and ready to work a full shift as a condition of hire and continued employment. Absenteeism, early departures, and late arrivals burden fellow employees. In the event an employee needs to miss time, they are required to call AWG prior to their shift start time.

What Are AWG's Office Hours?

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
With the exception of the following holidays: New Year’s Day/Memorial Day/Fourth of July/Labor Day/Thanksgiving Day/Christmas Day.

When Is Payday?

Every Friday! Employees have the option to pick up their check in the office or sign up for direct deposit. Any checks that are left unclaimed at our office by 5 p.m. on Friday will be mailed to the employee’s address on file.

How Do I Sign Up For Direct Deposit?

Signing up is easy!

Step 1: Print and complete a Direct Deposit Form (above)
Step 2: Submit the completed form to AWG
Step 3: AWG will set up the Direct Deposit information provided; the following week, a pre-note will be sent to the financial institution/account provided, barring any complications, paychecks will be deposited directly each subsequent week.

Does AWG Provide Insurance?

AWG is in compliance with the Affordable Care Act, and upon hire, each AWG employee is offered the opportunity to be enrolled in coverage if/when they obtain eligibility.

What Is AWG’s Drug/Alcohol Policy?

American Workforce Group, Inc. (AWG) is committed to maintaining a safe, productive work environment at all facilities and worksites to which it assigns associates and to safeguard all property connected with such employment. Because the concern for the safety of all AWG associates is of extreme importance, the signing of the Drug and Alcohol Testing Consent Form, constituting agreement and cooperation with this policy, will be required of all persons as a condition of employment by AWG.

It is the policy of AWG not to hire, rehire, or retain any individuals who test positive for any federal or state illegal drug or controlled drug, including THC, in any amount, regardless of frequency, without a medically acceptable prescription, this does not include medical marijuana cards. Therefore, to rule out the presence of non-prescribed or prohibited controlled substances in the body, all AWG associates may be required to undergo a drug screening test for any or all of the following reasons: 1) Condition of initial employment or when assigned to a job; 2) Continuation of employment; 3) Routine testing; 4) Randomly to ensure consistency and continuance of policy; 5) Critical events, such as work-related accidents & injuries, unusual behavior, etc.

Please review our Employee Handbook above for the full policy.

Does AWG Provide Paid Sick Leave (PSL)?

AWG does, in fact, provide PSL. PSL begins to accrue at the start of employment. Employees accrue PSL at a rate of one (1) hour for every 40 hours worked. There is no cap on the number of PSL hours that may be accrued in a year. Employees are eligible to use accrued PSL 90 days after the commencement of their employment. Employees are required to submit an Employee Notice for Use of Paid Sick Leave Form to be paid for their qualifying PSL hours.

Please review our Employee Handbook above for the full Policy.

What Is AWG's Pay It Forward Program?

AWG started the ‘AWG Pay It Forward Program’ in 2018 to help individuals further themselves. It’s a program set up to give back! Contributions are 100% voluntary & are not taken until you begin employment. If an employee needs boots to get to work or needs prescription safety glasses to keep their job … we’ve got them covered! You can change your contribution amount at any point, just ask an AWG team member! Thank you for helping us help others 😊

What Is The AWG Scholarship Program?
It’s one of the ways we give back to the people of our communities. Contact your recruiter to learn more about eligibility or answer any questions you have. Learn More