Employee Testimonials

What is it like to work with American Workforce Group?

Thoughts From Our Employees

Thank you so much. I absolutely love my job and everything I do to help not only our my community but also so many others. I am so grateful for American Workforce Group and what we stand for.

Erin K.

This company is truly for the employers and employees with top-notch people to help employers find great employees and employees find great employers. could not say enough about this company to endorse it. The owner/manager and its employees are true professionals in the field

S. Wood

Great ethics, a heart for community, and real, authentic passion for getting people into great jobs! Highly recommend!

C. Weaver

Group of like-minded individuals that have a passion for helping others. Everyone on the American Workforce team goes above and beyond to impact others in a positive way. The whole team thrives on the success of others and makes it their mission to show passion, integrity, compassion, and communication in all they do.

Current Employee

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“This is the best staffing agency to not only work with, but also work for. AWG constantly  strives to find the best employees for the job. From my experience i have seen the passion and integrity that goes into filling each position. This is a company that not only cares about each employee but the community as well!”
Ryan Zawislak

“Let’s be honest, none of us truly enjoy going from employer to employer, filling out applications, giving the same self explanatory spiel over and over. That being said, it can also be very difficult to settle for a “temp agency.” AWG IS NOT THAT. My time spent with these ladies at AWG was professional, yet relaxed and focused on bettering my individual situation. I built relationships with them that will last for a lifetime. So much so that when I was offered by the company to become an employee, I turned it down just so I could continue to visit on Fridays to get my paycheck, some cookies, and friendly smiles and conversations. Every holiday is always festive and fun! And, most importantly, they always have your back. If you have a discrepancy with where you were placed, they will work with you. If the place you went closes for some reason and you need to stay busy, they will find you something. They are on it and the best at it. Top notch. World class. Fun!! Go see Tori, Kim, and Sabrina. Hope you find the love and admiration I did.”
Skyler Rayner

“It is a great agency, they got me a job close to where I live and the shift I wanted. They were easy to work with and very nice. I recommend anyone looking for work to try and get hired through them.”
Gavin Justus

“American workforce group exemplifies professionalism. I have known and worked with them on several occasions and despite my limited skills and education they have always worked hard to  showcase my experience, match my skills to an employer,  and find a position for me in the workforce. Now that’s American.”
Todd Seals

“The owners of American Workforce Group are professional, personable, knowledgeable and responsive.  Great people and company to do business with! Highly recommend them!”
Gary McGrew